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Sovereign Governance is an independent corporate governance consulting group established to provide listed companies with practical solutions on governance and sustainability matters. We are often sought for our understanding of the voting and asset allocation sensitivities of institutional shareholders across annual general meeting considerations, corporate actions and shareholder activism campaigns.

Applying deep market knowledge obtained through years of experience advising both investors and some of the largest ASX listed companies, our point of difference is implementing tested solutions that resonate with ESG informed asset owners, asset managers and broader stakeholders. Through adopting effective corporate governance practices and engagement strategies, our clients benefit from improved investor sentiment, superior non-financial risk management oversight and dependable shareholder voting support.

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We are a results driven organisation that exists to support companies in implementing market leading corporate governance practices and reporting that resonates with the diverse and evolving requirements of institutional shareholders and their governance advisors.



Board Governance

Sovereign Governance Advisory carries extensive experience in the practice of conducting independent board evaluations. We are unique in that we provide a bespoke review that targets the specific circumstances or challenges facing any board. Our one-on-one approach is designed to probe and challenge non-executive directors in considering their individual performance and that of their board peers, resulting in a roadmap that informs how the board can improve how it conducts its business and succession planning.

We are also skilled in conducting an audit of the composition of the board under domestic and international best practice guidelines, including in recognition of proxy advisor policy guidelines and the considerations of global ESG research providers.

Remuneration Governance

Through extensive experience in reviewing and editing hundreds of executive and director remuneration policies and reporting, Sovereign Governance Advisory is an Australian market leader in staying abreast of the disclosure and engagement considerations that drive institutional shareholder say-on-pay voting outcomes.

Our superior understanding of institutional shareholder and proxy advisor sensitivities allows our clients to maintain strong rapport with their investors around remuneration aspects and prevents company boards from succumbing to significant shareholder voting dissent or reactionary shareholder solicitation campaigns that do not advance remuneration governance best practice.

Environmental & Social Governance

With regard to the growing focus of global institutional investors on the potential environmental and social externalities associated with company operations, Sovereign Governance Advisory assists with the editing or drafting of corporate sustainability reporting. We are also engaged for our experience interacting with environmental and social stakeholder groups, including global ESG research providers.

Our team is accredited under the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard and we continuously inform our clients as to the shifting environmental and social sensitivities that guide the asset allocation and voting decisions of global investors. In many instances our clients benefit from an ESG scoring uplift that facilitates a wider breadth of potential global investors and earns strong recognition amongst corporate governance stakeholders.

Corporate Actions

Sovereign Governance Advisory provides an unparalleled offering in advising boards and executives on the governance practice and disclosure considerations that inform shareholder voting decisions across mergers, acquisitions, spin offs and equity capital raisings.

In addition to the financial considerations undertaken by institutional portfolio managers, a significant and growing proportion of ESG conscious asset owners employ teams that scrutinise the broader governance implications of deal structures and will consider whether to cast their vote in favour of a corporate action on this basis.

In context of the significant time and financial investment taken by companies in executing corporate actions, our offering provides valuable assurance that any potential governance concerns or disclosure requirements have been addressed well in advance of the finalisation of shareholder meeting documentation and engaging with shareholders.

Shareholder Activism

Sovereign Governance Advisory’s team has acted on some of Australia’s largest and most successful shareholder activism campaigns and proxy battles for board control. We offer deep and practical market experience in defending companies from unwarranted public activism campaigns, as well as supporting select activist groups with a proven track record in shareholder value creation.

In recognition of our passion for promoting accountability, transparency and broader social good, our activism campaigns are properly vetted. This means that Sovereign Governance Advisory will not act for any company or activist group that is either unreputable or does not aim to support the financial and non-financial interests of minority shareholders and other company stakeholders.

The Australian Corporate Governance Transparency Index (ACGTI) Update
The Australian Corporate Governance Transparency Index (ACGTI) Update

Sovereign Governance Advisory announces the 2021 update to the Australian Corporate Governance Transparency Index (ACGTI), an online benchmarking tool for Company Secretaries and Non-Executive Directors accessible through our company website. Sovereign Governance Advisory conducted a comprehensive update to the ACGTI methodology and scoring for the S&P/ASX 300 index. The methodology has been expanded from a total of 28 to 30…


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